A man came to us with a suspicion that his ex-wife was cohabiting with another man.  In their divorce agreement he was to pay her $2,500 a month in spousal support (alimony).  Which in order to receive spousal support or alimony, the person receiving the support must live alone.

Cases concerning cohabitation are often proven by surveillance over a 3-4 week period.  The ex-husband provided us the name of the person he thought to be cohabitating with his ex and we began to surveill. After one day we were able to confirm the name given to us by his vehicle license plate that was located in front of her house. We then continued to surveill the two individuals whereabouts and patterns, including back and forth to each others houses. When the ex-wife did not have her kids she was packing up clothes and staying over the man’s house for 3 days or longer.

In gathering our evidence we discovered that she was actually working for the man, lying about her employment status, as well as contributing to bills at his house. In order to hide their relationship the two would leave work separately, meet at one spot, leave her car and then take his car to a restaurant or wherever they were going for the night.

We were able to document our case undetected, write up a report, including time stamped and GPS photos, and the ex-husband is now no longer paying alimony.

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