Frequently Asked Questions

The hiring of a private investigator should be taken seriously.  Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions, designed to provide you with general information to help you decide whether you think we can assist you.

Like other agencies, we do not take every case and do not claim expertise in every area.

We encourage you to telephone our office any time for a free consultation. We will be happy to listen and answer any questions you may have.  We can tell you what remedy may be available for your specific need.

Is Direct Focus Investigations (DFI) Licensed and Insured?

Yes, it is imperative for the Investigation Service Company working on your case be licensed and have liability insurance.

Where do you serve?

We serve all of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego and Imperial Counties in Southern California.

What is needed to begin surveillance on a subject?

D.F.I. will ask you to describe and provide a photo (if you have one) of the subject to be surveilled, as well as any information regarding their location, including home address, their place of employment, and any information about their vehicle.  This type of information will assist us in getting your case started.  

After the D.F.I. investigators gather the information you requested, they will document their investigative findings in a written report, which often includes photographs and video. D.F.I. investigators will provide courtroom testimony if needed.

How fast can a private investigator start working on my case?

Your investigation can begin quickly if you work closely with us in getting the necessary information to start working on your case in a timely fashion.

DFI prefers at least 24 hours notice before beginning any investigations to properly prepare.

However, in certain circumstances, we can start an investigation in one to three hours if the situation is genuinely urgent.  Weekends are usually the busiest time for our Investigators in the Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange and Riverside Counties; therefore, a 24-hour notice is generally needed for weekend assignments.

Keep in mind that we will not begin the actual investigation until we have collected all the information and retainer, along with a few forms to ensure client confidentiality.

How do I get started?

First, you will need to schedule a phone call to discuss the details of our retainer.  

We require retainer payments before any case begins, and we can process major credit cards (V/MC/Discover/AMEX) over the phone. You can call our offices 24 hours a day for further details, and we look forward to speaking to you about your investigative needs.

Are the Investigators passionate about their job, or are they simply there for monetary gains?

Our Investigative staff is key to solving the most personal of issues and the D.F.I. team will serve their clients wholeheartedly, honestly, and ethically.

What Types of Cases Does DFI Handle?

Our cases range from Criminal Law to Civil Law & Family law cases, including child custody, divorce, adultery, and child support cases.

We are also experienced in Workers Comp Insurance investigations.  Additionally, we may be hired to help locate Assets or to complete background checks. These are just a small example of the cases that are investigated weekly.

What are DFI Investigators Not allowed to Do?

Although private investigators may have access to more governmental records and resources than the average citizen, there are certain things that they are prohibited from doing. For example, they cannot pose as a law enforcement officer, wiretap phones, make recordings in violation of Federal and State laws, or perform illegal activities on behalf of their clients.

Can DFI run License Plate Numbers?

Yes.  However, a private investigator must have a valid reason to run a person’s license plate to complete the investigation for their clients.

Do you have Access to Protected Information?

There are many forms of confidential information we can access without having a subpoena or without getting approval from the subject(s) being investigated, such as:

  • Financial Accounts
  • Credit Information Reports
  • Phone Records
  • Criminal Records
  • Civil Records

“I really appreciate Direct Focus Investigations on helping me. They were very professional and made me feel very comfortable when I talked to them. Jaime was absolutely uplifting and I felt like he was very genuine in helping me and truly cared when he helped me. They called me back right away and handled my matter promptly. I was so satisfied with using them I would highly recommend them.”

—Angela P. | Chula Vista, CA

“I called and spoke to Jamie. I was nervous because someone has been texting my daughter I felt she was being harassed by this person. Jamie took time out of his day to research the phone number I provided. I felt he genuinely wanted to help me. He provided great information the very first phone call ! Would definitely call him again.”

—Jennifer Z. | Temecula, CA

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